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When you are facing any problem to your iPhone, the first question that arises in your mind is that whether there is any place in Dubai that provides quality service at an affordable price. If you are confused, the solution is i-Repair. i-Repair is the most trusted iphone repair in Dubai.We have branches for iPhone repairing in Dubai at Karama, BurDubai and Deira. Whether it is iPhone screen repair or iPhone battery replacement or iPhone battery solutions, our well trained experts can handle your device better than any others in Dubai and brings your gadgets back to optimum performance.

Some of the most common iPhone issues are:

iPhone screen repair or replacement

The most common issue that the iPhone users may face is iPhone broken screen. We, at i-repair provide you solutions quickly and at an affordable rate. We are just a call away from you. You can call to our service helpdesk ( 0553399242) or drop a whatsapp message. Our service executives will get in touch with you and we shall arrange help ASAP. We are offering device pick up and drop services also. I-Repair provide you the best iPhone screen repair & replacement cost in Dubai.

iPhone battery replacement

One of the most annoying and common problems that may face on iPhone is the iPhone battery issues. Is your iPhone battery dead or not working? Is your iPhone battery not charging properly? Is the iPhone battery is draining quickly? Is your iPhone battery is overheating? Is your iPhone battery health is far below the norm? Don’t worry. We are well equipped to solve any iPhone battery related issues. Whether it is an iPhone battery replacement in Dubai or iPhone battery health corrections, you can walk in to i-repair iPhone service Centre. Our promise is quality service at the most affordable price.

iPhone camera repair and replacement.

Everyone loves to take photos and the iPhone is well known for its camera capabilities. Hence, nothing is more annoying than when your iPhone camera stops working. We are experts in iPhone camera repair and replacement. Whether it is iPhone camera replacement or iPhone camera cracked issue or iPhone lens replacement or iPhone front camera replacement/repair or iPhone rear camera replacement or repair, our technicians are ready to fix it. You can either walk in to i-repair iPhone service center or give a call.

iPhone Back Glass Change or Replacement

iPhone back glass damage is one of the most common iPhone issues for the newest iPhone models starting from iPhone 8. It seems simple, but, in fact this is one of the most complex repairs which require more time and attention. We can change your broken iPhone back glass and replace it with a brand new one anywhere in Dubai. No one in Dubai can provide a better iPhone back glass replacement cost than ours. I-Repair provides the best Apple support service in Dubai. So, don’t hesitate if you want to replace your iPhones broken back glass. Just give us a call and relax. Our experts in i-Repair iPhone service Centre in Dubai will help you.

iPhone Touch not Working

Is your iPhones screen is not responding to touch? iPhone touch not working is one of the most common complaints. An unresponsive iPhone touch screen is really annoying. Don’t worry, the experts in i-repair iPhone service center in Dubai are well equipped to solve all iPhone touch related issues. Whether it is iPhone 6 touch IC complaint or iPhone touch repair or iPhone touch screen not working issues. Just give a call to i-repair iPhone service Centre help desk or drop a message in whatsapp, our service executives will get back to you with a solution.

iPhone Microphone not Working

Do your friends often complain that your voice is not audible to them while talking over your iPhone. If yes, then probably you need to have a look on your iPhone microphone. iPhone microphone not working is one of the common complaints that your iPhone may encounter. Whether it is iPhone Mic repair or iPhone microphone replacement, certified iPhone service experts at i-Repair iPhone service Centre Dubai will fix it for you.

iPhone Home Button not working

Does your iPhone home button not responding even after pressing? Seems like iPhone home button is jammed or stuck? Don’t panic, i-Repair, iPhone service Centre is there for you. We have experts in fixing broken home button, floating home button iPhone and iPhone home button not working issues. Walk in to our i-Repair, iPhone service Centre Dubai or Call to our helpdesk.

iPhone Software Issues

Sometimes your iPhone doesn’t work as expected even though it looks fine outside. Most probably your iPhone is having a software issue. We have experts in dealing with all iPhone software related complaints. Our software department have experts in dealing with iCloud issues, IOS system recovery, IOS update problems and iCloud sign in issues.

We offer repair to all Apple iPhone models in Dubai. Please visit i-Repair – The most trusted iPhone service centre in Dubai or call our helpdesk for raising a service request

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