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With the advent of technology our dependency on technology is increasing day by day. Now it’s hard for us to live a day without your mobile phone as smart phones acts as a platform to meet all our daily needs. So, what happens when suddenly your phone fails, you will be in deep trouble and you felt like you have lost your companion? At that moment, many questions start to come to your mind when you have to repair your favorite Samsung smartphone. Where should I give my Samsung smartphone? Where I will get a trustworthy Samsung phone service at an affordable rate? Will they use original Samsung spare parts for repairing? Is the personal and professional data in my phone is safe? We have an answer for you for all this queries. I-Repair, the most trusted and affordable Samsung service Centre in Dubai. That too at your door step. I-Repair is the one stop destination for all the issue related to your Samsung galaxy repair Dubai. We are experts in Samsung screen repair and replacement, Samsung camera repair and Samsung battery replacement.

Some of the most common problem for the Samsung galaxy smart phones is:

Broken screen.
Battery issues.
Microphone problem.
Camera issues.
Touch Jamming.
Software issues.

Samsung Screen repair and replacement

The most heart-breaking moment for any of the smart phone users is the broken screen. Whether it is Samsung S8 screen replacement or Samsung s7 edge screen replacement or any other Samsung screen repair in Dubai, i-Repair is the most trusted and affordable Samsung service Centre in Dubai. We have experts to deal with all the Samsung screen related issues. You can either call to the i-Repair customer help desk for booking the service request or just drop a message in our WhatsApp number. Our service experts will extend their helping hands to bring back your Samsung mobile phone to its normal mode.

Samsung Battery repair and replacement

The daily smart phone usage of everyone is shooting up. Al though the Samsung smart phone batteries are packed with latest and highly efficient batteries, it may weaken when years passes. But we can’t compromise battery performance as on dependency on smartphones is very high. Is your Samsung smart phone battery is not charging? Is your Samsung smartphone battery is draining quickly? Is your Samsung smartphone is overheating? Don’t panic visit i-Repair Samsung service Centre or place a service request by calling i-Repair help desk or dropping a WhatsApp message. We are best in Dubai in Samsung battery repair and replacement.

Samsung Microphone repair

Sometimes even though we are talking loudly, our friends on other side of the phone keep complaining that you voice is not audible. This is a common issue for Samsung smartphones when getting older. Some time it may due to dust particles that stuck on microphone that require some cleaning and repair and sometimes it is due to hardware failure which requires microphone replacement. Whether it is galaxy s7 microphone replacement or Samsung s8 microphone replacement, we have experts to taken care of your phone.

Samsung camera repair

Nowadays phone is much more than a tool for communication. While buying a phone, performance of the camera is one thing that the customers always checks. All Samsung smartphones are equipped with latest camera lenses and software. You definitely need a quick fix when your camera fails. Whether it is hardware issues or software issues i-Repair have experts to fix the problem and bring back your Samsung smart phone to its optimum performance. We deals with all Samsung rear camera and Samsung front camera related issues. Walk in to i-Repair, the most trusted Samsung galaxy repair Dubai or book a service request.

Samsung touch screen not working

Is your Samsung galaxy phone screen is not responding to touch? Samsung touch screen not working is one of the most common complaints. A jammed Samsung touch screen is really annoying. Don’t get panic, the experts in i-repair Samsung service Centre in Dubai are well equipped to solve all Samsung galaxy touch related issues. Just give a call to i-repair Samsung service Centre help desk or drop a message in WhatsApp, our service executives will get back to you with a solution.

Samsung software issues

Is your Samsung galaxy phone is not working fine even though the hardware looks fine. May be your Samsung phone has encountered some software problems. We have experts in Samsung galaxy repair Dubai. Whether it is your Samsung galaxy s8 software update issues or Samsung kies recovery mode issues or Samsung software update problems, the experts in i-repair is just a call away with solutions.

We offer repair to all Samsung smartphone models in Dubai. Please visit i-Repair – The most trusted Samsung service centre in Dubai or call our helpdesk for raising a service request

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